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Nehemiah week 4- final session

Well, it is our last session of Nehemiah and I can honestly say- I now see that a Jewish man who lived thousands of years ago, and I have much in common. At first glance I knew the story of Nehemiah, but didn’t know how it could really apply to me- Esther? yes. Nehemiah? Ummm- well- I ‘ll give it a shot.
And I am thankful I did. It just goes to show that God’s Word is as applicable today as it was then and to men and women; ancient and modern.
Some of the things I learned from Nehemiah were:
1) God uses the breakable heart.
When Nehemiah heard of the condition of his people, his heart broke. He fasted, prayed and mourned for days. (Neh. 1:4) Then God used him to go and rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. He gave him favor from the king (the very king who ordered the wall to be torn down) and sent him with his supplies he needed, protection from enemies, and cooperation from the people. And they did it in record time!
2) God loves His people.
After the wall was built, God called His people home. A city with a wall and no people is not a city at all. God orchestrated all of this to happen through Nehemiah because He loved His people and wanted to reconcile them to Himself. He knew He was the best thing for them. He wanted to take care of them again- and they wanted it too. It was like a parent welcoming home the lost child. A beautiful image of the loving Father welcoming home the prodigal son.
(also see Isaiah 43:1-7)
3) God’s Word is powerful.
After the wall is built and Ezra reads the Law (Neh. 8) and the people wept out of conviction and celebrated out of victory. They were back with their God. If you have followed the Lord for any time, you understand this. Reading the Word is convicting, but it is so beautiful to know that God is working in you. And then when you see Him and His victory- oh there is nothing like it! I know this was a powerful time for Israel.
4) Oh how soon we forget!
Even after all that Israel went through and saw the hand of God, they went back to their old ways after Nehemiah went back to the palace. How often do we do the same? I get frustrated with the Israelites’ fickleness until I realize my own. How many times are we so excited for the things of God and the very next day feel like He’s abandoned us? We are so fickle as humans. But I pray we learn to stay the course. God is worth the journey! (read Duet. 8 for more about why God does this with the Israelites.)

I am so thankful to Kelly Minter and her insight on this Bible study. God’s Word always changes something in me. His Word is truly alive and changing hearts. I pray your heart can break for what breaks God and that each of us can go and fulfill our purpose for the kingdom as Nehemiah did.

Praying blessings on all!

“Your statutes are wonderful, therefore I obey them.” Psalm 119:129


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